We love making you look and feel amazing, and we can see you agree!

When I went in for a haircut, I was super nervous because the last place I went to screwed up so I have have a hard time trusting people with my hair. I wanted to put caramel highlights in and get a trim. Julie was the girl who took care of me, and let me just say, right from the start, I knew she was cut put to work here. Her personality and smile were infectious. She talked to me the entire time and we were laughing like we were best friends. She’d ask me about my day and make small talk but she never made it awkward. She talked to me about what she was doing to my hair, step by step. She was so calm and gentle and I could definitely tell that she knew what she was doing. I will definitely be back again and I will definitely request julie! Keep her around, she’s a good one!

-Kimberly Worley

“I LOVE this salon. It is honestly probably the only salon I’ve ever really felt “at home” in. There is ZERO tension between stylists, actually quite the opposite they ALL help each other out—it’s AMAZING! They are welcoming and all talk to you (you never feel left out or like you’re being judged) …and I haven’t even mentioned the FABULOUS hair they do yet!!!! It’s my best hair to date and I’ve had a lot of hair stylists over the years! I cannot say enough good things about this place and it’s people!!! Run! Don’t walk!”

-Heather Kapp

Everything about Salon Joy is awesome! Everyone does great work and they always work as a team if a coworker needs assistance. I’ve been 3 times now for my hair and the results are always amazing. Nicole Pollard is the best! You definitely have a life-long customer now. I’m always impressed when she’s done with my hair!

-Melissa Steingrubey

“I love all of the ladies at Salon Joy. They are professional and work with me to give me a style that works best. Eraka and her team are amazing.”

-Valerie Dawn

I definitely would recommend Salon joy to anyone and everyone! As soon as I walked in, everyone was so nice and professional! I felt comfortable immediately. I’m always nervous when going to a new salon, but I’m so happy I tried this place. Plus the beautiful lady, Julie Clover is amazing at what she does. She’s so sweet and easy to talk to! I plan on taking my son to her for his first haircut, when he’s older!

-Maura Bulger

“Love the atmosphere and the friendly stylists! Great attitudes and kindness all around. They’re concerned about giving me what I asked for and making sure I’m satisfied!”

-Angela Alter-Wren

“Everyone is always so kind the minute you walk in. They really know what they’re doing and have professional staff. I will never go to different salon. Definitely the best I’ve ever been to. I messed up my hair (REALLY BAD) and two girls helped me for hourssss to help me leave with a beautiful style.

-Samantha Ballard